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The Low Down Showdown at Gizzard Gulch

The people of Gizzard Gulch are beginning to fight back against a wealthy one-time oil baron, who’s taking over the town piece by piece. Sheriff Hoosegow tries to hold the town together while also investigating a slue of attempted murders. This fast paced slapstick, western, murder-mystery unfolds as an eccentric inventor, a former cat farmer, and a popular saloon owner fight to preserve their small town and their livelihood.

Audiences love this dinner theater experience, which usually pairs a buffet bar-b-cue with the hour-long drama. (Usually considered PG-13 because of the slapstick murder attempts- but pre-teens have attended.)

Tell Me More!

Tell Me More! brings together a troupe of top-notched improv comedians for a night of great comedy fun! There is a special guest for the evening, either a celebrity, local notable, or someone well-known in the patron company, who becomes part of the fun for the evening.

The guest is asked to take the stage four different times during the evening to tell a 3-4 minute story from their notable career or life. Each time afterwards, the troupe takes the stage for a segment of creating improvised games,scenes, and songs inspired by what the guest presented. The troupe’s material is similar to what can be found on the popular TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

This 90-minute stage show is very popular with both public audiences and private events. Past shows open to the public have included guests like Mark Volman of the 60’s band The Turtles, director and screen writer of Space Cowboys Howie Klausner, and former Saturday Night Live performer Victoria Jackson, and entertainer Vanessa Mandrell of the famed musical Mandrell family.

Time Will Tell

This is a sketch and improv comedy based show created by two old friends who’ve been together since 1977, when they met in a Nashville high school. It’s a collection of works created in the old style of The Carol Burnette Show, The Red Skelton Show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and the original feel of Saturday Night Live. With whimsical and outrageious characters, memorable routines and scenes, puppet-driven segments, and more!

Additionally, the pair use their knowledge of each-other’s personalities to craft hilarious improvisational games and scenes. An aging duo of Vaudevillian-styled comedians, named McGregor & Black, make regular appearances as audiences get a glimpse of their lives off-camera as well as watching segments from fictional past movies shorts and stage shows they are known for.

This 90-minute show can include multi-media elements and an intermission.

Rebel Without A Clue- Looking Forward From the ‘50’s

We were all supposed to have flying cars by now! And all our meals were supposed to come in capsules. So what happened? This tale follows the journey of a scientist set on improving the future with his great discoveries like TV dinners, while he tries to save society from wayward minds like the greaser in town- the rebel without a clue. Meanwhile, the perfect 1950’s housewife is dealing with her own misgivings about women serving husbands. Plus, she struggles to answer her daughter’s questions about the birds and the bees while keeping the double-bed mentality of her time in mind.

This comedy takes you back to the era of bobby socks and leather jackets, where the characters contemplate their lives while anticipating a fascinating future. An hour-long stage show, typically paired with a dinner.

Laughing Corpse Murder Mysteries

Who was it that did in the town billionaire? Can you figure it out? Or was it Balladeer Bob that killed Miss Molly to get at the gold under her saloon? With dozens of interactive scripts, there’s always a mystery that fits any group! They’re ideal for company dinners and teambuilding events. Each table becomes a crime solving team - helping the inspector solve the mystery. A cast of outlandish characters mingles about selling clues and revealing information for the room. The event works well for small groups and for as many as 350. We've been staging murder mysteries for over 20 years, and we're dying to make you laugh!

Emcee/Host and Characters

Let Barry keep your event moving with jokes and character bits. Need a game show host? He's your man. Want a comical side-kick to help your CEO keep people awake, gotcha covered! He'll use your script or write one based on your needs. Let us know what you're looking for!

Corporate or Event Improv Shows

Please visit the Sprocket Improv page for information on how we can bring improv comedy shows to your event.