Laugh Learn Grow

Rave Reviews

Barry has been very professional and helpful to us as we use him to grow our employees individually and as a team. He caters each session to the needs of the group and makes it a great atmosphere to improve communication skills. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Josh Ward - Tennessee Titans

I have had the pleasure of working in the entertainment industry with Barry McAlister for over 20 years. Barry currently teaches aside me in my Improv workshops as well as leads the Improv portion of the Young Performers Summer Acting Camps I have offered for over 25 years. He is a talented actor with the gift of teaching others how to reach deep and find their inner artist. I include Barry at every opportunity so he can share his amazing ability to bring the best out of each individual.

Regina Moore - Owner, Moore Casting

Going to see an Improv show with Barry and cast is the high point of my week! I love to laugh, and these shows deliver! I can pretty much count on having my face hurt from laughing so much by the end of the show! I love that the audience gets to contribute to the material without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. It's all light, fun and mood lifting--no worries about dark or inappropriate jokes here. The wackiness and out-of-the-box mentality is such a great mind trip. These guys act so quick on their feet.... the song lyrics alone blow my mind!

Julia Audretch

The best part of a Sprocket Improv show is the variety and range of the games they play. Cindy and Barry have worked together so long they can anticipate each other's next move. Barry is the clean straight lace guy and Cindy's provocative nature pushes the boundaries close, but not over, the line of decency. They are a little bit naughty and nice."

Catherine Berresheim

Barry McAlister & Leland Gregory and their show "Time Will Tell!" is reminiscent of watching classic comic partners like Laurel and Hardy, and the Smother's Brothers perform. Their lifelong friendship is not only a thematic device, but it is also what gives them the uncommon familiarity and boyish charm needed to draw the audience into the worlds they build."

Catherine Berresheim