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Corporate Workshops And Shows

Fun2GrowOn uses the philosophy and behaviors of improvisation to create fun, transformative experiences for people and companies. We show you how to adopt the improvisors’ mindset and behavior to make yourself and your organization more innovative, cohesive, enjoyable, and profitable!

People used to think that improv is about being funny. But at its core, it’s about:

  • Working together as a team
  • Listening
  • Thinking quickly on your feet
  • Building on the ideas of others

Why Improv?

It energizes participants, spices up training, builds new skills that last, and its just plain fun! Improv is a communication skill-set. Through highly participatory exercises, participants see what happens when they listen in order to build, focus on the bigger goal, focus on supporting others, and keep ideas alive.

When you interact in this way, great things happen! People are willing to take risks, explore ideas more deeply, and are lead to unexpected solutions. The atmosphere is alive and rejuvenating! There’s a deep experience of support and trust, leading to more ideas being generated. It gives participants a break-through experience in intense cooperation.

We remind people of the importance of letting go, of just jumping in and playing. Issues in the workplace are tied to the need for collaboration, flexibility, and trust. When you play with a team, you give over to the game or activity and you build these things. Then you create respect and strength! People feel safe to play and discover things about themselves and their colleagues.

We’ll help your company become a more creative, positive and productive workplace.

What you can Expect

Your team will leave the workshop renewed and wanting more! In addition they will:

  • LAUGH- A happy worker is a productive worker! Working together in play creates a powerful bond and open connections- and fosters an atmosphere of flexibility and trust.
  • LEARN- Humor and play make it easier to remember. Learn new ways to communicate, to listen, to work together, to lead, and to enjoy what you do!
  • GROW- Take away new skills to better grow as an individual, a team, and a company!

Tailor-Made Improv Comedy Shows

We do tailor-made comedy shows about your company, your industry, and the concepts you and your employees deal with. A fun, interactive show that takes a light-hearted glimpse inside and presents things in a fun, new perspective. Lots of opportunities for suggestions and volunteer participation.Call now to find out how we can showcase your world, and help foster team building, trust, and cooperation through improv! It works well to have a show after a group has been through a workshop!

Corporate Workshops

Communicating with the Media - Learn how to be confident and effective when communicating with the broadcast or print media. Presented by former TV anchor and broadcast journalism instructor Cindy Carter.

A Communicator’s Toolbox - Looking at how to be a better communicator - giving you valuable tools to use in your next presentation, audition, or acting role. Especially effective for actors, presenters, and instructors.

Teambuilding - Get the most out of your team by helping them be better able to open up, listen, offer up new ideas, and have fun together.

Leadership - There are many skills involved in being a leader, and improv opens leaders up to being even more aware of their teams, what they need, and how to get the best from them.

Emotional Intelligence - The importance of EI has become well recognized. It is the ability to sense, understand and apply emotions to make the best use of energy, information, and influence. The workshop focuses on self –awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skills.

Change Management - Change is inevitable, and the way workers deal with it is essential. Embracing change and learning to use it can change everything.

Comprehensive Line-Up of Multi Topics - We’ll put together a workshop best suited for you specific needs, combining several topics and skill sets.

Working with the Media - Learn how to be confident and effective when communicating with the broadcast or print media. Presented by former TV anchor and broadcast journalism instructor Cindy Carter.

And More! Ask About YOUR Needs!